Do You Remember, Tang, the Gnarly Drink Mix of the American Astronauts?

Culture | May 22, 2018

American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin E. Aldrin Jr) set up an American flag on the surface of the moon during NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar mission, July 16, 1969. (Photo by NASA/Getty Images)
Do you remember drinking Tang for breakfast? Actually, after it caught on, it wasn’t just for breakfast! Back in the day, Tang was an up and coming alternative to the traditional (and healthier) orange juice. In my house, orange juice had an abundance of pulp because that is what my father liked. I drank it every morning, but it wasn’t my favorite. When Tang came along, I thought I might have died and gone to Heaven!

Do You Remember, Tang, the Gnarly Drink Mix of the American Astronauts?

The General Foods Corporation was responsible for launching the powdered drink mix, Tang. It was originally marketed to the United States in the late 1950’s. It was billed as a powdered, orange flavored, breakfast drink. The fact that Tang is now owned by the Kraft Company has no bearing on its American history. Tang was popular all over the world!

Tang ended up being the official drink of the astronauts in the 70’s!

The Tang creators had originally labored for a little over 2 years with research to bring this up and coming phenomenon to consumers. While the target buyer was the “average Joe,” the company failed to hit their mark. At the time, housewives were the main marketing target demographic. To make a long story short… they weren’t “buying” it!

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