These Celebrities are Still Single

One would think that being crazy rich and beautiful would make for an amazing life. However, there is a lonely side to this whole Hollywood story. Even though they have everything most of us wish for, these well-known celebrities are still single and emotionally unoccupied. 

These Celebrities are Still Single

We guess that you really cannot have it all! It looks like money, fame, and, fortune is not the right formula for finding true love, or at least that’s what these examples show us. Some of these celebrities are not newly single, they’ve been on their own for a while. Here’s a long list of celebrities who started 2019 without a partner by their side!

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova is yet another tennis star and champion on our list who does a great job when it comes to hiding her personal life. Anna has been keeping her relationship hidden from the public for the past few years.

These Celebrities are Still Single

However, we do know that she was involved with the famous singer Enrique Iglesias. On the other hand, there are no sources to confirm whether the two got married or not. Either way, they have two children together and they’ve been together since 2001 so we’d call it a serious relationship at least!


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