When This Waiter Found a Note from a Customer she Ran to Find Him

We all have to work to make a living, but not everyone loves their career. Most people just work to earn a living and have enough money for food and other essential. Not all careers are as desirable as others, and one of these careers is probably waiting tables. However, even though it isn’t everybody’s dream job, it’s still an honest way to make a living. The waiter of this story was doing his job just like any other night, and he never expected that his life would be changed forever.

First Impressions

Waiting tables is a hard job. Waiters and waitresses work for long hours, make a small amount of money and often have to deal with rude customers.

One waiter was working a night shift when he noticed one of the customers was behaving strangely. The man in question left the restaurant in a rushed manner, but not before leaving a note on the table. When the waiter picked up the note and read it, he rushed out after the customer right away.


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